cucumber mint sugar scrub

Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe

This Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe is an easy to follow tutorial to help you exfoliate dead skin cell build up on the body. Exfoliating with a sugar scrub is a wonderful way to smooth the skin and get that glowing look back. This sugar scrub uses cucumber fragrance and peppermint essential oils. The scrub smells divine and would make a great DIY beauty product for yourself as well as a fantastic homemade gift idea for a loved one or friend. You might even want to make something like this for Mothers Day. It could be a super fun project.

lavender bathbomb recipe

How To Make Homemade Bath Bombs

Have you ever wondered how to make homemade bath bombs? If so you’re in the right place. Today I’m going to show you how to make DIY bath bombs using the essential oil lavender. Lavender is a great oil to use when learning how to make your own bath bombs. I use lavender for many things and love how it relaxes the body and helps my daughter to sleep. making your own bath bombs is great as you get to control the ingredients and know exactly what you’re putting into your baths and ultimately onto your skin.   How To

coconut sugar scrub recipe

DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe

You’ll fall in love with this simple Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe. It’s simple and smells divine! I just love this DIY sugar scrub. I can’t believe how amazing it made my skin feel and smell! And that was just after one use! While I’m the type of person that likes to share…I’m happy to report that I made this coconut sugar scrub recipe for myself first before gifting it to anyone else. (and I’m so happy I did!) I’m loving it and now that I know just how awesome it is, I can’t wait to share it with all my

how to make homemade bath bombs

DIY Bunny Easter Bath Bombs For Easter

These DIY bath bombs are PERFECT for Easter. (and seriously, aren’t they just the cutest?!) Here’s the deal on bath bombs…everyone tends to love them, but no one actually wants to take the time to make them. Luckily, this bath bomb DIY recipe is crazy simple, and festive for Easter! DIY Bunny Easter Bath Bombs When it comes to finding fun and unique items to gift for Easter or to put in Easter baskets, so many people tend to overlook the joy of DIY fizzy bath bombs. Seriously, there are very few things that are more relaxing in the world than

the best playdough recipe image of brown playdough with plastic bugs

Best Playdough Recipe And Bug Fossil Playdough

The best playdough recipe I ever made was at Kindergarten as a student teacher. Over the years I’ve become an expert at making homemade playdough and I’ve got it down to a fine art. I remember my kindergarten tutor giving me a playdough recipe and telling me to give it a try. The playdough turned out fantastic. Today I am sharing the best playdough recipe with cream of tartar. It’s simple and easy to make and doesn’t take too long. I’ll also be sharing a simple and frugal playdough activity that is both fun and a great way to teach

lavender goat milk soap

Lavender Goat Milk Soap Recipe

This Lavender Goat Milk Soap Recipe is a fantastic recipe for homemade soap. In fact I love the smell of Lavender. It’s such a fantastic smell and can be v ery relaxing and therapeutic for the body. Goats Milk Soap is fantastic for giving the body a smooth and silk feel and I know you’ll love this recipe. Enjoy. *I use affiliate links in this post. If you buy anything from my links I will earn a small commission* Ingredients Needed For Lavender Goat Milk Soap 106 ounces tallow 14 ounces lye 41 ounces cold water 9 ounces goat milk